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Creatively architects new processes, ideas and ways of being

Meet Nancy

Throughout Nancy Henson’s thirty-year engineering career, she has consulted with hundreds of automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer electronics companies. Whether she advises clients on modernizing their software stack for manufacturing test or optimizing processes and workflows, Nancy focuses on empowering engineers and technical leaders. Nancy has worked for NI, or in the NI ecosystem, teaching, coaching and speaking at technical conferences (#engineerambitiously). Nancy learned that engineering is not just a left-brain endeavor. After investigating and learning from neuroscience and psychotherapy, she devised a basic process to activate creative thinking. Nancy now engages her creative right brain throughout her day. Additionally, Nancy shares her ideas on “Engineering Creativity On Demand” through speaking engagements.

Commendations of Clients & Colleagues

Rare Skill of Bringing the Right People Together

Nancy is one of the few leaders I’ve worked with in my career who seems like she effortlessly belongs in any room – be it a group of advanced software architects hashing out a new application framework, a sales meeting with customer executive leadership, or an internal alignment meeting of various functions at NI. She has the rare skill of bringing together the right group of (sometimes wildly) disparate voices, listening to all of them, and synthesizing a viable path forward that balances the needs of the entire group.

Get a group of deep technical experts in a room, and you get an argument. Get that same group plus Nancy, and you get a solution and a plan.

Nancy is also a key enabler of NI’s global customer technical community – not only by creating and evangelizing advanced user summits worldwide, but also by pushing for the creation, curation, and dissemination of reusable best practice and training material so the successes presented at the user summits can be replicated worldwide.

Matt Pollock
Industry Specialist Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Out of the Box Ideas for Customer Solutions

I worked on the same customer facing team with Nancy for a few years, and also leveraged her work in previous roles. Here are some of the strengths Nancy brings to her work:
Passion: very enthusiastic and motivated
Great with customers: listens to comprehend, provides solid technical recommendations specific to the customer needs/issues
Collaborator/Networker: brings in key collaborators in other groups in get things done across internal organizational boundaries
Ideas / Original thinking: brings out of the box thinking to customer problems
Communication: effective at presenting complex ideas in a clear, understandable way, especially with PowerPoint.
Nancy works hard and I was glad to work with her.

C. Allen Howard
Leadership and Management Development | Developing individuals in pursuit of excellence

Great Leader with Purpose and Integrity

Nancy is not only a great leader in the workplace, she is also a great person in general. Over the last few years, I have personally seen her care for the customer and solving business challenges. Her knowledge of software development and software development best practices have been in the forefront of our organization’s growth and maturity, and she continues to lead the way to improvement for both internal and external customers. She is a most valuable asset in these times of rapid response and rapid change, works with purpose and integrity, and I appreciate her as a colleague and new found friend.

Susan Harbin
Software and Services Leader with a Passion for Customer Service and Success

Rare Blend of Talents

It is rare to find a blend of high technical skills, architectural skills, and team management skills. I relied on Nancy for this blend of talents when she was on my team. I knew that I could assign her to work with one of our customer teams and she would bring the right technologies to that team, and would be able to influence that team to use those technologies appropriately. Nancy is a delight to have on a team and I would hire her again.

Steve Summers
Business Development Strategist | Profitable Product Line Management| Aerospace and Defense Industry Solution Expert

Fabulous Communicator and Collaborator

Nancy is a fabulous communicator and collaborator. Recently, I coordinated with Nancy as we worked with a large customer to define a next generation test framework. Instead of leading off with a recommendation of what we thought was the correct solution, Nancy took the time to listen and discover various stakeholder needs, timelines, and overall desired outcomes. She then crafted and posed questions that further instilled confidence in the budding relationship. In the end, a solution was proposed that was built on trust and aligned with the interest of all stakeholders. Aside from her ability to communicate effectively, Nancy is just a pleasant person to be around. I appreciate her “can do” attitude – always with a smile.

Garth Black
Solving Technical Challenges by Connecting Industry's Brightest Subject Matter Experts

Consistently harness your creativity

Expanding on the phrase coined by Brian Tracy in his book "Eat That Frog", Nancy Hansen teaches you how to tap into creative right-brain thinking to capture innovative ideas. She calls her process ...

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