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Rare Skill of Bringing the Right People Together

Nancy is one of the few leaders I’ve worked with in my career who seems like she effortlessly belongs in any room – be it a group of advanced software architects hashing out a new application framework, a sales meeting with customer executive leadership, or an internal alignment meeting of various functions at NI. She has the rare skill of bringing together the right group of (sometimes wildly) disparate voices, listening to all of them, and synthesizing a viable path forward that balances the needs of the entire group.

Get a group of deep technical experts in a room, and you get an argument. Get that same group plus Nancy, and you get a solution and a plan.

Nancy is also a key enabler of NI’s global customer technical community – not only by creating and evangelizing advanced user summits worldwide, but also by pushing for the creation, curation, and dissemination of reusable best practice and training material so the successes presented at the user summits can be replicated worldwide.

Matt Pollock
Industry Specialist Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)